US Individual Income Tax Return-1040/1040NR

Our cross border tax specialists respond to your company’s needs.

We make sure that your cross border taxes are done right the first time. We help individuals avoid double-taxation while minimizing overall taxes payable With constantly changing laws and regulations. Wiser Accounting Inc. also provides Canadian residents and U.S. citizens with non-resident tax filing services.

These services include:
– Preparation of U.S. federal and state income tax returns for you and your family.
– U.S. tax calculations.
– U.S. and Canada treaty benefits.
– Coordination of U.S. and Canadian deductions and credits.
– Assistance with correspondence from the Internal Revenue Service.

Filing deadline
If you live outside the U.S., you have an automatic extension of two months to file your U.S. tax return, making June 15 your deadline. For your Canadian return, you still need to file by April 30th.