New Business Incorporation Package-Alberta

Wiser Accounting Inc. offers a clear, professional, practical and affordable incorporation package for its clients to incorporate their new business. The details of the package are as follows:

1. Free Consultation
Our designated accountants provide free consultation with aspects of a business corporation and its role in your business.

2. Pre-Incorporation Matters
We will prepare your Incorporation Agreement and Incorporation Application on your behalf.

3. Corporate Name and Incorporation Registration
We will complete the registration of your company name and pay the name reservation fee on your behalf and will register your incorporation with the Corporate Registry and pay the filing fees on your behalf.

4. Organization of Incorporation
Wiser Accounting group will organize your corporation to suit your specific business needs and meet the requirements of the Business Corporations Act. This includes the preparation of constating documents, share certificates, directors and shareholders resolutions and other required corporate records.

5. Minute Book
We will prepare a minute book for the corporation containing its corporate records, certificate of incorporation and share certificates.

6. Post-Incorporation Consultation
A business lawyer will meet with you after the completion of the incorporation to review and sign the incorporation documents.

7. Fees
We will charge a single fixed fee plus taxes for all of the above mentioned services in connection with your new business corporation.

Please contact Wiser Accounting Inc. to set up your appointment to incorporate your new business.