Canadian Corporate Tax Return (T2)-WRITTEN GUARANTEE

We prepare and file your corporate tax return on-time and early enough that any taxes owing are known in advance.

Meanwhile, our designated accountants will help you to optimize tax returns for both the busines and the owners,By understanding where you’ve been and what your goals are for the future, we are in a position to prepare optimized, tailored tax returns for you and your business. Our objective is to ensure that both you and your business are in the least taxable position possible; not only for today, but also in the future.

Do you know what your financial statements are really telling you? Our certified CPAs will not only prepare Notice to Reader (NTR) financial statements for you but will review them with you so you fully understand the information they are providing.

These multi-year snapshot statements are presented in a concise and professional manner, allowing you to make better informed day-to-day management decisions.

The year-end is a good opportunity to implement tax planning. We’ll look at the whole picture including your company and your personal taxes so that you don’t pay any more tax than is necessary.

Whether you are thinking of restructuring your business, increasing or decreasing inventories, leasing, buying, or simply re-examining your asset depreciation allowances, we are here to consult. Each year, your plan will be reviewed before your year end, so appropriate changes to your long term plan be made if need be.

Bonuses? Wages? Dividends? How are you as the owner of your business paying yourself and are you doing it in the least taxable way possible?

Our professional accountants will discuss all of the options available to you to insure you are given every advantage to further reduce your tax burden.

We will also file the T4/T5 slips to CRA on your behalf for the salaries/dividends/bonuses had been decided.

It’s nice to know that in the event of an audit you have a company that is on your side and at no extra cost. Should you receive notification of an audit, all you need to do is contact your personal strategist to inform them that an audit has been called, give us the name and contact information of the auditor and we will take care of the rest.

Did you know that your bookkeeping is your strongest defence if you are ever audited?

In the event of an audit by the CRA, they take the approach that you are guilty and it is up to you to prove that you are innocent. The only way you can do that is by keeping an accurate up to date set of books.

During a bookkeeping review, our focus is to make sure that your books comply with all CRA rules and regulations and that they are supplying you with the information you need to make informed day-to-day management decisions.

Our CPAs with strong computer background will also offer advice on how to improve your bookkeeping, or help you to transition from a manual system to a computer based bookkeeping program we are here to help.

We can also set up your bookkeeping for a nominal fee.

By reviewing your prior year’s tax returns, notice of assessment, and financial statements we establish a framework that allows us to begin the process of moving both you and your company into the least taxable position possible.

And if during that review process we can take advantage of any missed opportunities, errors or omissions we will do so if it is in your best interest.

All tax returns services provided by Wiser Accounting Inc. include a written guarantee! In the case that if an error on our part causes a CRA penalty to be imposed, we will refund up to the total amount of your fees paid to cover the penalty.